Burleskiuniversumin ykköseksi äänestetty duo Kitten N’ Lou saapuu Suomeen toukokuussa. Visiittikaupunkeihin kuuluu myös Turku, jossa tiistaina 10.5.2016 tarjolla kaksi mainiota tilaisuutta oppia komedian, lavaenergian, koreografioiden ja  supersankariuden saloista.

burleskinstituutti_logo_bwYhteistyössä Suomen Burleskinstituutin ja Helsinki Burlesquen kanssa järjestettävät pajat maksavat 40 € / 1 paja, kahden paketti 70 €.

Ilmoittautua voit aina perjantaihin 6.5.2016 asti Kiki Hawaijille osoitteeseen – nähdään!

PAJA 1: Burlesque Performers are Superheros!
or… Character Development with Lou Henry Hoover

Find out why burlesque performers are superheroes and the answers to other questions about “persona based performance.” How do we develop onstage characters that are both specific and have range? In this workshop we will dig into that wealth of material – FEELINGS! – as the root of our performing personalities.

Kesto: 1, 5 h (17:00-18:30)

PAJA 2:Dance Camp with Kitten N’ Lou!

A dance class in the signature style of the duo voted #1 Burlesque Performers in the World! (21st Century Burlesque Top 50)!

A ‘fluorescent Fred and Ginger’ known for their tight unison choreography and larger than life stage presence, Kitten and Lou will share their tricks and tools for being glamourous, sexy, and funny all while kicking and pirouetting!

This workshop combines vintage dance styling like classic jazz and vaudeville with tricks for the modern showgirl/boy to perform like a star while maintaining a strong and flexible body. Class will begin with a technique based warmup emphasizing injury prevention and tricks to warm up fast in not very much space (like backstage!).

We’ll use big juicy traveling movement across the floor to practice entering and exiting the stage like a STAR. Class will culminate with dancers learning a short routine emphasizing musicality, character choices, and passion.

Kesto: 1, 5 h (19:00-20:30)



Kuvat: Eli Schmidt

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